Saturday, October 13, 2012

4000 Miles

Tonight we talked for four hours and forty-seven minutes. We talked about our day; the people we had seen and things we'd tried to do. He watched as I built my new IKEA organizer and shuffled through old letters. I taught him "te conozco mozco" and he organized our IRC farm day next weekend. We laughed and teased. It was like the 4000 miles and 2 separate continents were merely an afterthought.

Sometimes we'd just lay silent, wordlessly remembering when our faces were more than just a screenshot. When we weren't confined to pixilated boxes subject to the whims of faulty internet connections. When we didn't have to worry about time zones or slow, 3-week-long postage. But the 4000 miles has meant we've talked about things maybe we wouldn't have....or, at least, not until later. We lay tonight, pensive and quiet, sharing goals, reservations, things we missed, old memories, why we appreciate each other. Fears. We traced the existence of "us" back to last December, and then again to a sunny day in March when he took me to the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and I was too nervous to shut up.  Back to the night I first leaned against him, back when we still were afraid to touch.

Lima, Peru is an achingly long ways away from San Diego, CA. December 20th is sixty-eight days away. But when someone is that far away, you can't take them for granted...which only means they're that much more special. 

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