Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too little time...on so many levels

In terms of pure survival right now, there's too much to do and that's due. It's only three weeks until finals, but my professors haven't noticed so the papers, group projects, exams, quizzes, and assignments keep piling up. Just today my Ethnic Studies professor handed out an assignment, due in five days, of an 8 page paper. Lovely. And the scholarship that's gonna pay my way to Jordan is due in those same five days. Lovely.

But also, there are a million things I WANT to do. There are so many incredible opportunities and possibilities here, the excited little over-achiever in me wants to do *all* of them. Everything is so incredibly fascinating, so challenging, so eye-opening, so impactful....I need like four different clones.
I'm already:
- Taking too many classes
- Working as a college ambassador; giving tours, running phone marathons, and speaking on student panels
- Interning at the International Rescue Committee as an ESL teacher to newly arrived refugees from all over the world
- Going to Jordan to study public health and work in a refugee camp this summer

I want:
- To accept Dr. Shirk's offer to help conduct research on cartel-related deaths on the U.S.-Mexican border
- To accept Dr. Yarris' offer to help conduct research on mental illness in rural Nicaragua
- Get involved with the spoken word club here on campus
- Join the public health global brigade team that goes to Ghana and Honduras every year to build water infrastructure
- Go to Colorado with Habitat for Humanity over spring break, and Louisiana over the summer
- Help establish an IRC headquarters here on campus
- Add another major

But....there is no time. I'm beginning to agree with an old friend that sleep is simply impractical. I wish I could plug myself in and just charge, rejuvenate, as I worked. Actually getting to use all 24 hours of the day would be so productive...seriously.


Enrique Soto said...

You are amazing

Mary: said...

I wish this were a ballot so I could vote for #s 1,2 & 4. My thoughts and prayers are with you in all you need to produce and do.