Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh the places you'll go...hopefully.

See all those maps behind me? Those are all the places I want to go. And somehow, someday, it's going to happen.

I've spent literally all day working on scholarship applications for Jordan this summer. Each one has a slightly different focus, so some essays are direct and concise, others pull at heart-strings, some tell stories of death and the need for preventative action, while another places the emphasis on cultural exposure. You have to be strategic with these things, so I've spent hours researching the different foundations, analyzing past winners, and "spiking" potential questions/concerns (you debaters will get my drift). If I can get just one of these, I'll be set to go...I just need to transform myself into the most intriguing, potential-filled student on the face of the planet. Well, nation in this case.

I just need them to love me and then I can put a checkmark on one of those maps.

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