Friday, June 10, 2011

Growing up... an intriguing phenomenon.

Today I seriously meal-planned and grocery shopped for the first time. We are now officially set to go for three weeks and I only spent $127. I am ridiculously pleased with myself even though grocery shopping is nothing extraordinary.

And now, my 13-year old brother and I are choosing to be hermits. After spending all day at school, work, VBS practice, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house - we mutually decided we needed personal space. He's grieving his Jr. High friends who will be attending different high schools next year and I'm exhausted after a 42-hour work week. He gave me a long hug, made sure I was okay, and then said, "I need some me time....". I smiled, "me too."

So I'm cleaning in my room being serenaded by Josh Groban and loving the situation. We have an amazingly strong relationship, Mark and I, and we know each other so well we can *tell* when we need our own space. I love that kid. So very, very much.

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