Sunday, March 27, 2011

The last 48 hours:

* Stayed up until 1am painting the old schoolroom. We'll be renting it out in the next couple weeks, so we had to get it emptied, cleaned, caulked, puttied, and painted.
* Got up at 8ish and painted off and on until 4pm.
* Calc homework
* MUN bonding night - 20+ college students squeezed around our dining room table to eat pizza, talk international politics, prep for competition, swap jokes, laugh at/with each other, debate and get to know each other better before spending four days competing together in San Francisco (only a week and a half to go!)
* Said goodbye to the last friend well past midnight and cleaned for a while.

* Scholarship applications
* Chem homework - quantum mechanics and VSPER theory
* Calc homework
* Forensic anthropology test
* Emailing financial aid offices at UCSD and working out potential housing
* Got absolutely freaked out by a massive spider crawling right by me on the couch I was studying on. You know that spastic, flailing "dance" people do when they walk through a spider web or find a spider on them? Yeah, that was me in the living room.
* Trying to study enough to get a little ahead before tests start anew
* Found this and have been listening to it ever since:

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