Monday, February 21, 2011

Homework session

After a weekend of blustering wind and rain, the sun decided to peek out from behind the last few lingering clouds. I love how warm the winter sun can seem after days of a wet, grey existence...amazing really. I think there is an inner-cat deep within each of us; the sun comes out and your soul wants to hug itself and bask in the golden warmth.

I'm curled up on my favorite couch in our livingroom, right next to the big window looking out over the yard. Mariposa the chicken waddles by. A robin tugs at an earthworm. And inside, a pot of lentils is bubbling on the stove. I am surrounded by textbooks, solution manuals, class notes, pencils with chewed-off erasers, and a spoon full of cookie dough. My chem lab notebook lays open beside me; splotchy with reminents of NaOH accidently dropped on the pages. (Side note, if you can avoid it, don't let HCl drip on your knuckles look like they're in their 80s.)

I feel refreshed after this four-day weekend. I'm caught up with homework, ahead in my reading, and ready to tackle a new week. I vote every week be finished with a four-day weekend. It's perfect really.

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