Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diabetic Cookies: Part I

I am not a good cook.
I love being in the kitchen, I love the chemistry of cooking, I love the delicious smells that slowly emerge from the oven, I love the laughter and general happiness that seems to live there. But still, the facts remain, I am not a good cook. Somehow, though I try to be incredibly diligent with the ingredients and measurements, my masterpieces are almost always a flop.

My professor is publishing a book. He's been working on the novel for years now, and when I first took his class almost 2 years ago, I would run up the three flights of stairs to his office to listen to his rants and raves about it. He found an incredible agent and after endless months of editing and drafting, it's been sent to the printers!! Sooo exciting!

Well, in celebration of the exciting occasion, I decided to bake him cookies. Delicious, warm, gooey cookies for him to munch on as he grades papers and revels in his author-ness. I knew this was going to be a challenge not only because I can't cook, but also because he's diabetic. Thus, the challenge is to make sugar free delicious, warm, gooey cookies that he will actually like.

Tonight I tried a recipe for "Soft Cinnamon Applesauce Cookies". Yum, right? Well, though the batter smelled deliciously like Autumn, the cookies themselves turned out ugly, bland and dry. Darn it. I think they're good if introduced as biscuits...but my family won't eat them. Well fine! I'll have lots of cinnamon applesauce cookies for school!

But the fact still remains, Professor Keifer needs his cookies. Tomorrow on my way home from school I'll stop and get some splenda; it has no effect on sugar or insulin levels in the body. Perfecto. We'll see what happens next batch.


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