Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Inside, the house is quiet.
Outside the wind beats against the house. A small chime rings out in the night. Tree branches slap the roof.

My thoughts have long since turned mushy. I have an oral presentation in poli sci tomorrow that, yes, I'll admit, I'm rather dreading. It's strange after all those years debating and speaking, to still be a little nervous about going up in front of the class. It'll be fine - and actually, it'll probably be quite fun in the end. I chose to speak about the gang violence sweeping across Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the new winner of the 2016 Olympic bid. Just two weeks after being chosen as Olympic host, the city was wracked with warring gangs and drug-cartels, and in just six short days 33 were killed, 8 buses were set on fire and high-caliber weapons were used to shoot down a police helicopter. It's been interesting researching it and come tomorrow, I'll probably have a blast telling the class all about it. I just feel rather....passive right now. Or maybe it's just laziness. :)

On a very different and incredibly awesome note, I discovered these today and sat watching them in fascination. Ohmygoodness, I'd love to be able to do that.

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