Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Thoughts from a Bedridden ADD Mind...

In bed for second day in a row.
Kleenex. Airborne. Statistics homework. English paper (5 pages on the word "identity"). Research paper on Cartier-Bresson. Extemp-ish preparation for oral presentation on Wednesday. No worries, I have plenty to do.
My new Death Cab for Cutie cd came in the I'm sipping Breathe Easy tea and happily listening to "What Sarah Said", among others. It's nice listening.

I'm not sure what I wanted to write here. It's another one of those "think-best-in-bullets" days.
--> I'm loving Ships of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea. L-o-v-i-n-g
--> Tonight's gonna be a late night. I'm going downtown around 10ish to finish some photography homework.
--> Sara's in SF for the day...and I'm going crazy with the spastic rat she left behind in my charge.
--> Blueberry shakes are divine.
--> As are the mothers who prepare them.
--> Being sick and bedridden gives you plenty of time to think. About life. About my future. About decisions and choices and roads being traveled. I guess being bedridden can be a wierd sort of blessing inandofitself.
--> Can.not.wait for thanksgiving break. can.not.wait.
--> Am going to go sit in the sunshine now. Ta ta!

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