Monday, August 31, 2009


"Are those flashcards for a Spanish class?" I asked.
"Yeah. Pretty nerdy, huh?"

And thus, a new friend was discovered.

College is fantastic for making new friends. Everything is new. Everything is fresh. Everything is bright and exciting and waiting to be discovered. And everyone else there is new. Everyone is fresh. There are bright and exciting people waiting to be discovered. People are so interesting. So diverse, so different, so intriguing. People are so quirky and strange. Full of wierd ideas, strange backgrounds, different goals and odd hobbies. And I love it all. I love people.

I love the freedom to be whoever I want to be. I love the freedom to start completely new and fresh. I love talking to new people, learning new things, joining new clubs and groups. I love watching Risa grow and discover more of herself. Stretching, blossoming, thriving. I love college.

(Swirls at ARC)

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