Sunday, August 16, 2009


- Musings on Life and Pain -
* Woke up early and went running
* Cried during worship at church
* Came home and practiced "I'm Yours" on the guitar
* Made tenitive photoshoot plans with a dear friend
* Went to work (for 7 long hours...)
* Came home with a free smoothie

My legs are sore from running. They hurt. But my muscles feel alive. Alive. Pulsing. Healthy. Young. Craving more.
My fingers have new blisters from new guitar chords. They hurt. But my songs are improving. Singing with the family familiar pop songs is fun. Alive. Healthy. Young. I'm craving more.
My feet are tired from too much Jamba Juice. They hurt. But my wallet is happy. My customers are happy. Smoothies are fun. Coworkers are fun. It's alive. Vibrant. Healthy. Young. Yes...I'm craving more.

Sometimes things hurt. Sometimes things are simultaneously painful and healthy. That's how life is. Life hurts. Life is healthy. And yes...I'm already craving tomorrow.

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