Thursday, June 25, 2009

San Fransisco

The city of dreams
The city of secrets and desires
The city of beautiful mystery

After 10 days on the East Coast competing and sight-seeing, the sparkling lights of San Fransisco were a beautiful "welcome back."

And now, tomorrow morning, I'm going back. "I'm thrilled" is an understatement.

We go to pick up four new "siblings" - four eager Europeans excited about a summer spent in Sacramento. The Belgian, Ruben (16), is an old, dear, mischievous friend and arrives first. Andres (16) and Felix (13), from Gran Canaria, are newer fact, I only met Andres once, and that was for a mere couple hours. The fourth, Blanca (23), is a Journalism major from the University of Madrid, whom I look forward to meeting on Saturday.

It's going to be wonderful. Four new friends to explore the summer with. Four new amigos to romp around San Fransisco, Sea Ranch, Old Sacramento, the Jelly Belly Factory, the American River, and the backyard with. I can't wait. I can't wait!

Tomorrow. Ruben comes tomorrow.

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