Friday, April 10, 2009

Have you ever....

Danced with a stranger?
Smiled at the moon?
Searched for the end of the rainbow?
Ridden horses along the shore?
Talked to yourself in the mirror?
Rocked out in a smoky bar?
Cried over the injustice in the world?
Dropped a penny from a castle wall?
Danced in the pouring rain?
Bought stilettos?
Tried to paint a canvas?
Sung in front of an audience?
Evangelized in a different lanugage?
Chittered with squirrels?
Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Eaten tomatoes so fresh you can taste the earth?
Played your guitar in the mountains beneath the stars?
Watched a satellite cross in front of the moon?
Cried yourself to sleep?
Built a sandcastle?
Laid in the grass and listen to bats?
Made daisy chains?
Swam with sea turtles?
Worn scandalous lipstick?
Planted a garden?
Watched a baby learn to walk?
Laughed so hard you cried?
Wiggled your toes in the cool grass?
Searched for a four-leaf clover?
Held a stranger's hand as they cried?
Braked for a crossing squirrel?
Looked in your rearview mirror to see police lights?
Danced like a lunatic at a live concert?
Played air-guitar on a broom?
Run away from home?
Climbed to the stop of a tree in a storm?
Counted the stars?
Donated blood?
Blown bubbles at a fish?
Twirled on your toes?

I have.

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