Monday, March 7, 2016

Joshua Tree

At the beginning of a yoga session, you find your intention for that practice. What are you hoping for or needing when you come to your mat. "Bring your attention to your intention", one instructor told us. 

The past week has been long, full of increasing demands and 12-hr work days. I love what I do, but feelings of burnout are overwhelming some moments and I still struggle with adjusting to this adult, office-desk life. There is energy working with college students, but as they prepare their spring break plans and summer adventures, I feel my days are, in contrast, very sedentary and repetitive. 
Wake up early. Drive an hour in traffic. Work for 8-10 hours. Drive an hour in traffic. Go home and cook something (hopefully healthy). Maybe watch a movie or read. Sleep. 

I get restless. Perhaps it was my childhood spent traveling and exploring the outdoors. Perhaps it was my major that constantly allowed me to study abroad and work with communities across the globe. Perhaps it's my way of dealing with stress. I have to move. I have to see horizons. I need something to look forward to on a fairly constant basis otherwise I'm stir crazy. 

So after a 12-hr Friday and looking at a 12-hr Monday, I decided to head to the desert. My safe-place getaway. I went alone and stealth camped far from any road or ranger station. Literally alone with the Joshua Trees and cholla, I could breath and think. What are my priorities? What do I need to establish for myself so that my work-life balance is sustainable and refreshing? How do I create financial security in a job, while still allowing myself spontaneity and adventure? 

Driving home yesterday from this place of vast rugged beauty, I realized that, for me, it's about starting small. This week, my intention is freedom and self love. Freedom to do and ask for that which cultivates self-care and pride in myself.  

And with that, we head back to capitalism and workspace and routine. But we can do this. 

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