Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life's Little Pleasures

Singing at the top your lungs when you're alone in the car

Months with three paydays

Lying in bed with freshly-washed sheets

Having the exact change to pay for something


Sticking a leg out from underneath the blanket and feeling just right

That first intense body stretch after waking up

The smell of bacon. The taste of bacon. Everything about bacon

Cuddling and getting wrapped inside someone's arms when it's freezing cold

Spontaneous adventures

Baby laughs

Waking up, checking the clock and seeing you have plenty of sleep time left

Driving over little hills and getting the mini roller-coaster feeling

Finding money you didn't know you had in your pocket

Catching a song you love on the radio just as it starts

Lying in bed after an exhausting day and feeling every muscle relax

Asking a question on Google and seeing it finish your words, meaning there are others out there wondering the same thing as you

Late night conversations with a glass of wine

Having a brother come visit in 13 hours

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