Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm experiencing an incredible bout of senioritis. It's quite awful and I'm afraid there's no hope of recovery.

There are only three weeks left of the school year and I'm beyond ready to be done. Only three weeks and summer will be here. Only three weeks and I'll be done with homework at 2am. Only three weeks and I'll never be at a junior college again. Only three weeks and I can officially be an ARC alum and UCSD student. Only three more weeks.

It seems impossible to stay focused on my homework. It's so very difficult to care about these remaining three weeks. Today the sun was deliciously warm again and my chem classmates and I lounged in the flowering grass to write our our pre-labs instead of sitting, holed up in the library. We must have looked a sight; sitting together with our bare feet, lab notebooks strewn about in the grass, half-heartedly working on enthalpy and thermochemistry as we blew goose-calls with grass blades. Chem hippies. We're quickly losing our concentration...which is bad. These last three weeks are crucial!! We've been studying for 13 long weeks, we can't give up in these last three weeks.

After these three weeks are over, the next time I'll be a student will be in San Diego. Paradise. A UC of my very own.
Three more weeks. But these weeks will be bittersweet; I'm savoring my last weeks with dear, dear professors who I've spent the last two years with. I'm loving my friends and our strange quirkiness. Even the late-night homework sessions are fun in a nerdy way - I love getting a text at 1:30am to see if my chemical reaction was endothermic or exothermic. It's kinda fun to celebrate the completion of calc homework with friends at ungodly hours of the night. I'm going to miss ARC, as much as I can't wait to be at UCSD.

So, there's only three weeks left. It's a weird mix of nostalgic senioritis.

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