Thursday, November 18, 2010


Quiet! Can you hear it?

The endless heartbeat of the earth.

An echo; throbbing, pulsing

Hidden deep within its chest.

Its rhythm is eternal

Its beat is so intense.

In the ocean, in the rainfall

In the cadence of a song.

Can you hear it? Can you sense it?

Quiet, softly pulsing.

Hush! Can’t you feel it?

The endless breathing of the earth?

A soft and peaceful rhythm.

The rise and fall of time.

It beckons and it calls

Internally whispering.

In the breeze, in the shadows,

In the laughter of the young.

Hush! Can’t you hear it?

Mysterious. Innate.

Listen! Can you feel it?

The rotation of the earth?

Spinning, flying, endless twirling,

A great celestial dance.

You see it in a lifetime

That once vibrant now grows wane

Something ending, something growing

Neverending. Ever turning.

Spinning, endless twirling.

In the seasons and in dance

Sleeping, waking, living, breathing

Stars and moon and rocks and plants

Listen! Can’t you feel it?

It’s the endless pulse of life.

From the heartbeat to the spinning,

From the whisper to the laugh.

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