Friday, September 17, 2010

Aged Beauty

A wisteria blossom floated down.
She sat beside him, her soft, wrinkled hand tucked in his.
The breeze rustled his white hair.
Her eyes laughed as she smiled up at him.
He chuckled as she tried to apply her lipstick without a mirror.
She reached across him for her purse and patted his belly.
He played with her hair.
They leaned back into the wooden frame of the bench and sighed.
Hands clasped, they quietly observed the people passing by.
A wisteria blossom floated down.
The hem of her floral dress ballooned with the breeze.
He gave her a sip of his iced tea.
The gold band circling her hat sparkled as she bent to sip from his straw.
He beamed at her and she touched his nose.
The wrinkles next to their eyes crinkled up again.
A wisteria blossom quietly floated down.


A Circle of Quiet said...

Lovely, Risa. I can almost see this as a music video in my mind (-:

who misses you. Just sayin'.

Mary: said...

I love this - REALLY.